My Mom Has Used the Same Non-Stick Pan for Years. Now Her Secret Is Out.

by Linda Taylor | 5 min read

2023-12-15 | 🔥 Trending Home Goods

When it comes to cookware (pans, knives, cutting board, etc.) which one do you HAVE to replace the most? For me, it’s pans. After throwing out my fifth pan this year, I lost patience and asked my mom for help. And finally, she told me her secret. Keep reading to find out!..

Most pans made cooking UNBEARABLE

I've tried out so many pans... And each of them disappointed me in a new way. Some don’t cook evenly, burning half of my pancakes while the other half is barely cooked (imagine the embarrassment in front of my mother-in-law)...

With others, cleaning is such a horrible hassle... I've lost count of all the torturous evenings spent sweating, my back aching, hunched over the sink – scrubbing the pan instead of spending quality time with my kids and husband. And the scrubbing always took me THRICE as long as actually enjoying the meal!

Once, I even burned my hand on the handle! That horrid scar is bothering me to this day...

My kitchen drawers were overflooding with useless pans

One was kind of okay for frying, another for sautéing and so on and so forth. But none were actually perfectly good for anything.

And to make matters worse, any pan I bought would get wonky and lose shape every few months. 

A failing pan meant a failing me

How would you feel as a wife and a mom when you fail at cooking? I felt DISASTROUS! 

For me, cooking is more than food. It is a labor of love, where I get to use my creativity to prepare memorable, mouth-watering meals for my husband and two kids.

But with the pans that I had, I was as far away from this dream as you could imagine.

My mom has used the same pan for years. Mom, WTF, how?!

I was tired of spending $200+ each year on cookware.

So I went to my mom to discover the secret to her enduring pans: They hold up after YEARS of daily use, nothing sticks to them, and they never overheat unevenly and burn the food like mine.


I complained to her that buying a new pan feels like throwing money down the drain. Especially when you want something that works for everything from scrambled eggs to stir-frying chicken.

“Oh, sweety” she said shaking her head. “You're not alone in this!”

There is a solution! But you won't find it in the stores...

Back in the day, I used to have the same problems as you. I felt like a lousy wife to your father and a truly lousy mother to you! Until one day, I'd had enough. Of course, at first I asked about this at my Cooking Sundays group over some tea, but they were no good at this... So I ended up scouring the Internet and then – aha! – there was this chef forum online...

It turns out, some chefs were discussing how poor the quality of pans is these days, and finally decided to team up and develop their own! They didn't even plan on selling them at first...

When the chefs realized how unbelievably good the pan turned out, they started selling exclusively online – only to their elite clients who appreciate true quality. And this is why you won't find this pan in stores, only at the official website.

People started spreading the word

This pan already has 4.5 stars on Amazon with comments like “this is simply the best nonstick pan I have ever bought.” I found similar opinions on Facebook too.

My mom felt the same. She said that Emura is the only pan that made it possible to make restaurant-worthy meals without spending the whole day at the stove. 

I wish I had invested in this 10 years ago

Needless to say, I was convinced and got an Emura pan for myself. Little did I know that this one decision would TRANSFORM my life.

My whole family and I get to enjoy our dinners WAY more. I'm not afraid of having guests over (namely, my husband's mother) because I know that the food will be all cooked-through and absolutely finger-lickin' delicious!

No more evenings staring at a hideous pan in the sink.

I just wipe my Emura off and go spend the evening with my husband and two little ones!

Why do the Emura users love it so much?

Advanced non-stick. This pan has a patented 3-layer non-stick coating made from aerospace-grade materials, developed and tested by actual chefs. These tests include real-world scenarios like frying an egg or preparing vegetables. Most companies will lie, saying NOTHING will ever stick to your pan.

Emura is honest: Their non-stick coating works, but as my mom says, you still may need to use some oil, and of course, proper cooking technique to avoid stuck eggs!

Easy clean-up. The superior quality non-stick coating prevents food from sticking, even with minimal oil. Emura can be hand washed in seconds, with no need to scrub.

Even and fast cooking. As one of the Emura users said “I can fit about 3 corn tortillas or 4 small-ish pieces of bread relatively comfortably. The ad is correct about the heat distribution- All 4 of my French toast slices cook evenly.” Finally, a pan that works as advertised!

Versatile. With Emura you can simmer, roast, braise, bake, sauté, sear, boil, and fry — all with one pan. It's also oven-safe and compatible with ceramic, induction, electric and gas hubs. This saves you money, time, and space in your kitchen.

Lasts longer than regular non-stick. Most pans wear out in months. Emura lasts NINE TIMES longer, because it is made of aluminum alloy and has a durable multi-layer coating. This also means the pan has a scratch resistance better than ceramic.

Safer for your family. What I particularly love about Emura is that you can eat healthier – Emura requires MUCH less oil than uncoated cookware. Serve that crispy bacon, guilt-free! 

Emura is also NON-TOXIC. It protects your family from PFOA, a harmful acid that is found in Teflon pans and that doesn’t dissolve in water or in the ground, so it stays in our body potentially for years. 

My recommendation – purchase it while it’s available

With Emura, I feel like a chef again!

I’m now able to cook ANY meal with just one pan. I can experiment with new flavors, techniques, and traditional meals. I can cook a quick egg or Sunday pancakes without worrying about everything sticking in the pan! (Or dealing with a mess later.)

Whatever you want to cook, it’ll be safer, easier and tastier with this pan. So I’m sending this message out to anyone who cooks for their family…

If you’re frustrated with your cooking, it’s probably not you, it’s your cookware.

Get a pan that helps, not one that makes it more difficult to cook well.

UPDATE. Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - Emura is going viral right now!!!

Hundreds of people want to experience a non-stick pan that works as advertised. So when I sent them an email about it, the Emura team said they would give an exclusive discount for my readers!


Customer Reviews

Lucy A. | New York, NY 🇺🇸
Five stars

So far, nothing sticks to this pan. I can cook eggs and French toast in it without using any oil. I also burned a piece or two of French toast by accident, and the burned gunk didn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, either.

Sophia R. | San Diego, CA 🇺🇸
Five stars

This pan is amazing and totally worth every penny. I've a added an image for comparison versus my old pan. This new pan really hot! So browning or searing is easy. The first time I used it, I heated up leftovers: chicken with onions. The pan got hot fast, I did not add oil. No sticking! I took that out and then I added some butter and threw in some green onions, I got a great sizzle. I added leftover mashed potatoes and really tested ithe pan with some grated cheese. Not one piece of food stuck. And, it was super easy to clean! It can go in the oven, which is a nice bonus. As with anything, the right tools make any job easier.

Natalie A. | Philadelphia, PA 🇺🇸
Five stars

This pan is expensive, but so far it lives up to its claims. The biggest advantages are that the surface is very non-stick and the pan is forgiving if you burn something. Most non-stick pans are pretty much ruined after the first time you burn something onto them. You will forever be scraping your food off the surface. I have had to replace my non-stick pans so many times after burning something, it is worth it to have a more expensive pan that will last and continue to work. This pan behaved like new, even after a couple of whoops moments. I was also able to cook at high heat whereas most non-stick pans require you to not go above medium. So if you prefer to cook without oil or grease and to have a pan that lasts, Emura is the right choice!

Anna R. | Toronto, CAN 🇨🇦
Five stars

It's large enough to not have to worry about spilling things over the edges when cooking vigorously. The uniquely shaped handle makes a useful spoon rest, which is an added bonus. I will be looking for more pans like this.



I was looking for the best non-stick frying pan and found this article. Interesting read! Will definitely try it out 😍


My life would seriously improve if my morning eggs didn't stick to the pan. I’m always rushing out for work and don’t want to deal with any of the hassle. Also don’t want to use excessive oil! That 50 percent coupon is calling my name…


I don’t care about price, I just want a pan that works. I have read reviews of Emura online and it’s pretty clear for me now, will give it a try!


Fabulous. Does what was advertised. A brilliant pan and very happy with purchase. The self standing lid is also great.

Will recommend!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


We use it for all types of cooking. It is easy to clean the nonstick surface and has even heat distribution: all as advertised .

Nina_ C00per

My sons love pancakes, but I get cranky every time I have to prepare them... the cleanup is just a terrible bother. I’m using that 50% discount asap!!!

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