5 Reasons Why 10000+ Americans Ditched Their Old Nonstick Pans For Emura


The Emura Nonstick Pan is probably the newest and most popular go-to pan for chefs and home cooks who prefer premium-quality cookware. 

Because of its:

  • affordable price,
  • innovative non-stick design,
  • supreme aesthetic, 

Emura has already been tagged as a ‘delightful deviation from the substandard cookware norm.’

And it’s not only a pan - it’s a whole design ecosystem that is meant to make your kitchen and cooking more manageable.


That’s exactly what we wanted.  

If you still need some more convincing, here’s a list of five reasons why 10,000+ Americans replaced their old pans with Emura, the newest pan on the stove. 

See for yourself:

#1 Perfectly Safe: The BIG problem with old non-stick pans

Toxin Free

In today’s world, every cookware brand claims to be non-stick. Although many of these claims are false, the BIG problem with these regular old non-stick pans is this: 

Old non-stick surfaces contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical compound linked to kidney and testicular cancer1 and several other diseases.

Thankfully, because of expert health articles like this2, people are throwing away their old non-stick pans for PFOA-free ones like Emura.

Since every Emura pan goes through independent laboratory and field testing experiments, you can be sure that it is as healthy as advertised.

Emura contains none of these dangerous chemicals:

  • PFOA substances ❌
  • Lead ❌
  • Cadmium ❌

We have a zero toxin tolerance, so we only use materials that are certified as safe by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

A big part of Emura’s toxin-free strategy is adopting a 3-layer nonstick coating made using an innovative high-performance plastic called PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone)

For those who don’t speak science, PEEK is far more enduring and considered a perfectly healthy alternative to Teflon/PTFE (plastics that aren’t always PFOA-free).

#2 Strong Endurance: probably the most DURABLE modern cookware out there 

With a scratch resistance better than ceramic and PEEK coating that makes the pan 9 times more durable than regular non-stick, Emura’s durability is premium. 

Flip a million eggs, fry a thousand fishes, or oven-cook for hours; you’ll still get a clean, scratch-free Emura

It doesn’t crack or fold under pressure, retaining its color and shine longer than ceramic. Even if the temperature gets as high as 500°F (260°C), Emura’s coating won’t chip or flake.

With proper care, an Emura pan should last five to seven years. 


Avoid dishwasher use for optimal performance.

#3 Excellent Heat Distribution and Conductivity: Easily manage hot temperatures 

When we conducted a poll asking chefs what the most underrated feature of a non-stick pan is, the answer was unanimous: 

Even heating.

Without it, the texture and flavors of a meal won’t feel right.

A bad pan concentrates heat on one side rather than distributing the heat to all corners. The result? Imperfect food and a pan without longevity.

How does Emura distribute heat evenly?

It’s all about the design — a multi-layer construction combining the finest materials, each playing a crucial role in heat distribution.

Keptuve Sluoksniai Gif

You could be searing steak, sauteing delicate vegetables, or birthing a fluffy omelet. Whatever it is, Emura never leaves any ingredient behind.

Did we mention that Emura comes with a heat-resistant handle? 

This isn’t one of those pans you don’t touch when things get hot. 

Regardless of core pan temperature, you can fearlessly grab and wield the pan with the stay-cool handle. 

In other words, no one gets burned with Emura.

#4 Versatility and Easy Clean-Up: 8-in-1 Cooking + No Elbow Grease

Emura is a chef’s dream — top-notch quality, unmatched versatility, and customer-friendly pricing. 

Speaking of versatility, some pans may be limited to one or two cooking methods. Not Emura. This non-stick pan can cook all kinds of food in eight different ways


Achieve a beautiful caramelized crust on a juicy steak by searing it in the pan over high heat.


Prepare a flavorful batch of homemade tomato sauce by gently simmering fresh tomatoes, herbs, and spices. 


Roast a succulent chicken to golden perfection.


Whip up a hearty beef stew by searing the meat in the pan, then adding vegetables, broth, and herbs. Cover and let the dish braise slowly on low heat, allowing the flavors to meld while the meat becomes irresistibly tender.


Bake all your favorite pies and pastries in just one pan.


Sauté fresh vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms.


Prepare a comforting pot of pasta with boiling water.


Crisp up some golden fries.

Emura can also be used on all types of cooktops — electric, stove, and induction.

The Emura Nonstick Pan is big on easy cleaning, so non-stick means non-stick. 

You can clean your pan without over-expending energy or effort because the non-stick coating technology easily ensures everything slides off. 

Feel free to clean your pan in seconds without the added risk of greasing those perfect elbows.

#5 All-round Convenience: Save space, use little oil, and spend less

Because Emura does all the cooking that eight different pans do, you can save valuable space by recruiting Emura to your kitchen department. 

To make things even more convenient, Emura’s superior non-stick coating helps reduce your oil usage. You only need as little as two or three oil droplets to make a tasty omelet.

Gosh, Emura must be expensive! It’s not…

Emura costs less due to our commitment to spreading the joy of quality cooking. We collaborated with experts but kept production costs down.

And once you have Emura, you probably won’t be using any other pans anymore. This one pan will satisfy all your cooking needs without taking up excessive space in your kitchen, or taking a long time to clean.

Additional features of Emura include an integrated spatula holder and a heat protectant set.

Important Information

If you’re a lover of high-quality cookware (and you are if you’ve come this far), getting Emura Nonstick Pan is a no-brainer. 

It checks all the boxes:

Toxin-free ✅

Superior non-stick coating ✅

Heat conduction ✅

Durable ✅

Affordable ✅

Versatile ✅

Oven safe ✅

In that case, you should know that Emura is currently on sale for only 50% of its retail price for the readers of this article. 

Will it be on sale at this discount forever? NO. So get one for your family right away.

PS: This offer is secured for you for 12:13:01 hours. After that we can’t guarantee the same price/discount.

1 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33780327/

2 https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/nonstick-cookware-safety

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